Monday, April 24, 2017

Tough Love

For friendship, for relationship, and for the things we do not wish to speak, but must  if love is to prevail:
 We must be willing to look into those spaces that are darkest in our souls, because those who love us most see what we do not wish to see, and that is the horrible truth about love, that even though we feel with great intensity a passion beyond ourselves, it is within ourselves that we must go, and be true to what is revealed to us for our own good.

God Bless

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

To One Who Sees

Old Soul

Comes a time
Old soul
Looking for positive
Walked away quietly
Cause he grew up negative,
Destroyed a life,
So he'll be damned
If it'll ruin another one,
Running out of lives
To live in these troubled times
It's all about choice,
Feeding negative,
You get more​ negative,
Giving love,
And life becomes new
A great adventure!

Enter a room
Feel the energy
Flowing into his soul
Hears a song
But he can't read the melody
Words give him everything
In his element
Long night drags on
Living a life
What he wanted all along.

Calling for freedom
Chained in contemporary times
An old soul dies
Looking for someone
A fighting chance to live
Longing to give
A piece of my heart.

Cause you need people
Not just family
To keep you company
And time
Marches on
Though you want to stay young
God knows the end
Isn't what you expected
But it's all I've got
To give you my heart
So don't let negative
Keep us apart.

Closing theme
Just pictures of reality
Old soul cries out
For more sanity
Cause people are flawed
And he can't see
A better way to be
Than an old soul being free.

Calling for freedom
Chained in contemporary times
An old soul dies
Looking for someone
A fighting chance to live
Longing to give
A piece of my heart.

D.A. Wittler 17'

Saturday, April 8, 2017

April Rain, and the Power of Pain

A few thoughts concerning the nature of hard luck, and tough times:
I used to see a counselor to help me deal with depression, anger, and issues from my past. I used to see a physician to help ease the imbalance of, or low level of chemicals in my brain that somehow keep a person sane, but I found no real comfort there, or solution hiding in some childhood revelation.
You see,  I found the mechanism of my pain, and my survival in a song, or simply a few words shared In a moment to be the best form of treatment there is for someone like me. Like the Beatles lyric says, "I am the walrus." I am the oddball in the room standing beside the elephant making silent noises.
And so there are memories I keep, and friends I seek to share this journey through life. It may seem at times that I have succumb to the miseries of this world, but it is for me the best therapy I can imagine to find a way through it all. Thank you all for listening to the walrus in the room.
God bless!

          April Rain

Some days I get tired of rain
Falling on pavement like pain
Shooting through my body
Like a memory that will never go away
And I never want to be alone again.

Some days give me sunshine
To take away this sorrow
And I will keep going
Though it's an uphill battle
Please tell me tomorrow.

Some nights get me thinking
Want to beg or borrow
Just a little comfort
To ease my troubled heart
But there's no one there to care.

But give me hope tonight
No more grey skies come morning
And I will keep going
Like a traveler with a destination
Lord I'm coming home!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Of Love And Science

A few thoughts:
They say love is like a chemical romance, it is our ability to overcome human nature, and learn how to cultivate the proper amount of hormonal balance that leads to a lifetime of connection with a special someone.
 Well, I don't know much about chemistry, but I can recite a little poetry, my mind quote some history, but when it comes down to biology, I must be totally off my rocker because all I know is blood is red, whether inside or outside, roses are lovely until they prick your finger, and then they become a two edged sword of give, and take where one is a persuir of beauty, and the other a dreamer of windswept nights, and golden days of happily ever after.
So what is love, and why the scientific explainations?
For some, it is easier to find meaning in a test tube refining one set of ingredients with another, and for others it is the elusive chase for something​ greater than the sum of their parts thrown together in some random soul, searching, and  yearning for a match made in heaven.
And so, we are a grand composition of earth, wind, and fire, yet human in our desire beyond a mere chain reaction. It is the soul that makes all the difference, and a greater trust in faith, and God that leads us onwards to realms unknown towards the elusive final product called true love.

Monday, April 3, 2017

For Loss of "Little Friends."

A few thoughts: On those days when you know something terrible is going to happen, like the immenent passing of a family friend, and pet, the world shrinks just a little bit, and reality grips you with it's grim taste of bitter wine.

And so I dreamt of my little friends today, because the night takes me away for lesser things to occupy my time than walks through the neighborhood, or sharing a nibble of bacon from breakfast. We love them dearly because they give us so much unconditional love, and trust beyond measure. They show us life is about simple things that make us happy, like a warm place to cuddle up with our favorite person, or a roadtrip through the countryside​. They tell us with every bat of an eye, or wag of the tail that we are the center of their world, and God gives us such precious little time to learn from them to never hold grudges, appreciate what we have, and to never lose the enthusiasm  we knew as children. They teach us that it's OK to laugh at ourselves once in a while, be silly, or simply lay back after a good meal, and take a nap. I will truly miss my little friends Annie, and Alex; true friends I know will be waiting when time finally calls me to that place beyond dreams, and expectations the world uses to steal away our better selves.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Time for Something

Tick Tock

I hear it calling
Lonesome tolling
Slowly catching me
Wasting away
Day after day
Playing that game
Between you and me.

Whispering to myself
Seems like I'm going crazy
What about you
Old man in me
Young man at heart
Tearing me apart
Why don't we just see
Where this takes us
Why all the drama
People calling us out
What's that all about
Another long night yearning
But it can't be.

Tick tock
Time on the clock
Swinging left
Swinging right
Why do we fight
Denying the pleasure
What is the measure
Of a lifetime alone
If you don't take a chance
You'll never know
A life never lived
Is like a love surrendered.

Cadence call
Writing on the wall
Music and madness
Chorus of voices
But always alone
Harmony and happiness
Always competing
Calculating the distance
Between us
Gardens of stone
Or a valley of clover
Under the cover of night
Time is right
For a reckoning.

Tell me a story
Happy ending
Not some tragedy
That never was
Hope and glory
You and me
Sunrise, sunset
Whispering breeze
Secret message in the trees
That time never regrets.

Tick tock
Time on the clock
Swinging left
Swinging right
Why do we fight
Denying the pleasure
What is the measure
Of a lifetime alone
If you don't take a chance
You'll never know
A life never lived
Is like a love surrendered.

Dale A. Wittler 17'

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cause of the Fallen

A few thoughts:
I went for a long overdue walk the other day through St. Mary's cemetery in Ottoville, Ohio and I remembered something I learned some years ago about placing coins upon the grave markers of veterans (you may have seen the article posted yesterday). Well, the idea kept gnawing at me at work, and so I sat down, and composed a little something that goes along with the article about using those coins to support veteran causes. Here's my take on the idea. On Memorial Day, or any day for that matter, plan to take a walk with family, or friends through your local cemetery, and place a small token upon the grave markers of veterans. It not only gets the kids outside, and us adults, but it shows our support in a way that
touches our hearts, and minds to the sacrifices, and needs of our veterans. Hopefully, local service organizations can organize times to collect the coins, and donate the proceeds to veteran causes.
And so, my friends, a gift.

Cause of the Fallen

Consider a penny
Fallen from a pocket
Round and weathered
Copper colored
Bronzed with age
Over time forgotten
Then found
Upon the ground
Like some prodigal son
Singular, and insignificant
Yet gathered as a multitude
A treasure to behold.

Then consider a brother
A sister
Fallen from this life
Begotten son and daughter
But never forgotten
In monuments of stone
And the living
Who like some relic of war
Become unknown
Returned home
Unscathed, yet scarred
Visible and hidden
Reminded daily of the battle
Healed, and broken
Price paid in full for freedom
Yet become a nation's burden
Debt, unlike a penny spent.

So now we realize them
In repose, and living
Veteran and citizen
Soldier and sibling
To place our treasure
In gardens of stone
We march and remember
On streets with flags flown
Cause of the fallen
For the needs of the living
For honor, courage,
And service rendered.

D.A. Wittler 17'