Thursday, December 14, 2017

Call It Catharsis

Call it catharsis, or finally accepting responsibility as we all must for our actions. When a marriage ends you don't stop to think about the consequences, only how awful you feel inside, and the anger that is in reality a hurt so deep it is beyond description. And so I share the final act of my stupidity that led me here today. It came about as I read an article on how  people know when their marriage is over. Please bare with me. Thank you.
How about when you are in church with your family, and you look over, and see that she isn't wearing her wedding ring. You beg yourself afterwards to ask her, afraid of the answer, and she says "I haven't been wearing it for a while." Reality doesn't set in until you ask yourself: "Was this a hint, or a test to see how long it would take until I noticed it was truly over?" And what did I do next? I did the meanest thing I could think of to express my hurt feelings; I sold my wedding band. Today I think to myself, "How despicable of me to be so cruel, especially when I told her what I had done, and how crushed I knew she felt." Then I knew it wasn't a test at all, it was about noticing who she was, and caring enough to be the man she needed me to be, and who I wasn't.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Merciful Distraction

I apologise for the late hour, but I was at work, and this came to me. I was thinking about the movie Patch Adams with Robin Williams where he has lost the love of his life, and is on the edge of jumping off a cliff when a butterfly lands in front of him. I hope you like it.
Merciful Distraction

Perhaps once in a lifetime
When we've labored so much
Someone comes along
A stranger from the rough
Bearing innocent conversation
A merciful distraction
To ease the rush of life's dispassion
That duty, and honor
Have not gone out of fashion
And when the tempest’s rage
Has given the worst it can deliver
We begin to recover
Some semblance of normal once again
If that was the reason
For our chance meeting
Then let it be as it was
A miracle of transformation
From grief to life once more.

D.A.Witter 17’

Friday, November 24, 2017

Let Us Give Thanks

Let us give thanks
To our fathers
Who gave us hands
for work
To our mothers
Who gave us hearts
for love
To God
Who gave us each a soul
for giving
and life eternal.

For callouses and crosses
Roses and kisses
Gifts and challenges
To help us grow
Cultivate and harvest
As the banquet of our labor
Now before us shows
We give our thanks.

For those who have passed
From this life
And those now present
We pray and hope
To share again and share alike
For food, for friends, for life
And those who serve
Let us give thanks.
In Jesus name we pray.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Life, A Comic Outrage

Behold a comic outrage! When all the world's a stage, and my life one long commentary on the absurdity, and stupidity of man. When a smirk creeps up upon my face in line at Wendy's, or in some public restroom listening to a splash. As I imagine Shakespeare, Whitman, Emerson, Thoreau, and Thurber having a pint while sitting on a passing cloud over head.
I wonder why it becomes necessary to obsess on the ordinary, or worry about the reasons why people take life so seriously, when laughter really is the best medicine, thanks to Norman Cousins' Anatomy Of An Illness; check out the movie if you will. It gives some honest reason to chuckle in the face of tragedy because we all end up the same in the end, dead.

Oh to take a moment to smile at the idiot who raises his arms in disbelief as he is the one who runs away a coward from the scene of a hit, and run. Who really pays for the damage done? It is only a vehicle, and our journey to work gets interrupted just a bit, so let the fool in the SUV live with himself as karma comes a calling when he can't just leave with his tail between his legs next time.
Smile, for your heart may be aching, but the choice is yours to find a glimpse of paradise in a fart joke delivered by Kevin Farley,  or that time you received a special unexpected gift at your family Christmas. Let Dad laugh until the joke is on him, and it's gone way too far over the top to stop.
And where to end when the reasons for living become a managery of one liners given by an aging George Burns to a worrisome John Denver sitting in the front seat of an American motors Pacer. Come on, was there ever a more ridiculous looking car ever made than that? Even Mike Meyers found it funny to give Wayne's World a boost alongside his besty Garth, and company who gave us a most memorable rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Yes,  laugh, drink up my friend, and don't let the screen door hit you on the backside as you leave the room excercising your right to be happy any way you want it, because life is a  Divine Comedy in spite of Dante's thirst for explaining the fires of hell; even he would smile to hear Satan singing American Pie out of tune in a hail storm. God bless!

Monday, October 30, 2017

The Pen Of Possibility

A few thoughts, because I haven't shared in a while:
There is no great secret in life, other than the limitations we place in front of us. Each day we have a choice to look at ourselves as half empty, or half full of the potential that is deep within. The challenge is to begin with gratitude for all that has been given, and expect the best of everything because if we can think it, and visualize it, then it can become reality. To summarize;

The Pen In My Hand

The pen in my hand
Says I am a story
Living every day
Being who I want to be
Happy as I want the be
Choosing to be positive
Going beyond the limits
Of this limited space
To see a universe of possibility
Rather than the despairing pessimist
I choose to give energy
Or refuse to feed with negativity
The pen in my hand
Says write my story
Because I can!

D.A. Wittler 17’

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Saying Something From Nothing

When There's Nothing Left To Say

Here I am today
Caught between beginning
And ending
Indulging my love affair with lettuce
Side item on a list
Below the main course.

And you
Are you a beginning, or an ending?
At first there was everything at stake
All to gain
Then life happened
Bland items on a menu
Work was the means
Weekends the reason
To escape my wretchedness.

When there's nothing left to say
We can get lost
Or write another story
Of me, and you
Finding new glory
Moving forward.
And so
With you the conversion continued
And my dirty little secrets
Crept in
To steal away the pleasure
Of being into you.
                    So words began to wain
Silence to overwhelm
No more pie, and coffee
On a Tuesday afternoon
And there was nothing left to do.

Again, here I am
May I suggest
A novel attitude
Turn the pages
See what's new on the other side
Speaking in silence
Praying in the darkness
Of a lonely hotel room
Open the drawer
Pull open the pages
Of “where to go when”
Finding someone
To begin again.

When there's nothing left to say
We can get lost
Or write another story
Of me, and you
Finding new glory
Moving forward.

I've had enough of platitudes
Singing to the rafters
While others become bystanders
Listening for something
They can grab onto
Like a message
To sink into their system
But it never comes
The answers lie within
And I'm missing you
But there was nothing left to say
And so it ended
Like an epic tragedy.

When there's nothing left to say
We can get lost
Or write another story
Of me, and you
Finding new glory
Moving forward.

                                  D.A. Wittler 17’

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Fabric Of Our Times

A few thoughts on the fabric of our times:
 With broad stripes, and bright stars I am reminded of the stories, and images of battles fought, and won for the cause of freedom. I remember the innocent youth who at first entered whole heartedly, and willingly gave service, then reluctantly ran from the ravages of combat, only to be turned back by the sight of a banner being waved at the forefront of the storm in Stephen Crane's Red Badge Of Courage.
 I see Old Glory flying boldly as white, and black soldiers gathered to reunite a union torn apart by slavery. I see a nation knitted back together, yet still bearing the wounds, and scars of racism. I lived through troubled times, marches, and voices proclaiming our differences as strengthens, and our diversity a gift of God rather than a burden of dignity.
And then there are those who claw at the fabric of our fragile republic, who choose by right to oppose these colors many have  given life, and limb to protect. I hear their claims of brutality, and see the misguided attempt to raise public awareness of issues born again of ignorance just as searing as intolerance, and bigotry.
It is not a field of honor on which they do battle, rather, a stage, a sport in which friendly rivals gather to claim bragging rights over one another.
What I offer today is not controversial, but common sensical. I say, follow the rules, yet speak your mind off the field by your example, and not by feeble attempts to draw attention at the expense of those whose only wish is to be entertained by physical prowress, and points scored. And above all, do not mock the sacrifices of those who have served to protect the fabric of your freedom.