Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Saying Something From Nothing

When There's Nothing Left To Say

Here I am today
Caught between beginning
And ending
Indulging my love affair with lettuce
Side item on a list
Below the main course.

And you
Are you a beginning, or an ending?
At first there was everything at stake
All to gain
Then life happened
Bland items on a menu
Work was the means
Weekends the reason
To escape my wretchedness.

When there's nothing left to say
We can get lost
Or write another story
Of me, and you
Finding new glory
Moving forward.
And so
With you the conversion continued
And my dirty little secrets
Crept in
To steal away the pleasure
Of being into you.
                    So words began to wain
Silence to overwhelm
No more pie, and coffee
On a Tuesday afternoon
And there was nothing left to do.

Again, here I am
May I suggest
A novel attitude
Turn the pages
See what's new on the other side
Speaking in silence
Praying in the darkness
Of a lonely hotel room
Open the drawer
Pull open the pages
Of “where to go when”
Finding someone
To begin again.

When there's nothing left to say
We can get lost
Or write another story
Of me, and you
Finding new glory
Moving forward.

I've had enough of platitudes
Singing to the rafters
While others become bystanders
Listening for something
They can grab onto
Like a message
To sink into their system
But it never comes
The answers lie within
And I'm missing you
But there was nothing left to say
And so it ended
Like an epic tragedy.

When there's nothing left to say
We can get lost
Or write another story
Of me, and you
Finding new glory
Moving forward.

                                  D.A. Wittler 17’

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Fabric Of Our Times

A few thoughts on the fabric of our times:
 With broad stripes, and bright stars I am reminded of the stories, and images of battles fought, and won for the cause of freedom. I remember the innocent youth who at first entered whole heartedly, and willingly gave service, then reluctantly ran from the ravages of combat, only to be turned back by the sight of a banner being waved at the forefront of the storm in Stephen Crane's Red Badge Of Courage.
 I see Old Glory flying boldly as white, and black soldiers gathered to reunite a union torn apart by slavery. I see a nation knitted back together, yet still bearing the wounds, and scars of racism. I lived through troubled times, marches, and voices proclaiming our differences as strengthens, and our diversity a gift of God rather than a burden of dignity.
And then there are those who claw at the fabric of our fragile republic, who choose by right to oppose these colors many have  given life, and limb to protect. I hear their claims of brutality, and see the misguided attempt to raise public awareness of issues born again of ignorance just as searing as intolerance, and bigotry.
It is not a field of honor on which they do battle, rather, a stage, a sport in which friendly rivals gather to claim bragging rights over one another.
What I offer today is not controversial, but common sensical. I say, follow the rules, yet speak your mind off the field by your example, and not by feeble attempts to draw attention at the expense of those whose only wish is to be entertained by physical prowress, and points scored. And above all, do not mock the sacrifices of those who have served to protect the fabric of your freedom.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Thoughts On The Passage Of Time

A few thoughts on the passage of time:

I saw an old friend last evening. We sat at the bar, and struck up a conversation about the weather, and more serious subjects. Curious as it seems, my mind drifted off to more finer things.
I wonder about those sunny Summer days at the lake, and one special Mother's Day weekend. I think about the house I grew up in, and my parents who longer live there. I imagine one rainy Autumn day in September, and how for the first time in my life I felt like I had found something to last a lifetime.
"I don't know how she put up with me for thirty four years" my friend said, and I just smiled. Raindrops ran down the back window of the limo driving by in my mind's eye, and I thought "Yeah, I must have been some bastard to have pushed away the best thing to ever come into my life." But times change, and people cling to what brings them safety, and security. Once they feel betrayed, it's all over.
I have moved on from twenty four years ago, but I leave behind a muddy trail, and two sons who now have grown, and have flown on ahead of me to meet their own destinies. The days speed on like road signs on a busy freeway, and I often miss a turn to get lost in thought, and days of revelry, but love leaves an impression you never get over.
"Good night" I said to my friend as we parted the bar, and I walked off into the night a loner once again; aimless, and yearning for another day, and another chance to begin again.
Love, and peace my friends!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Upon Those Long Nights Of Waiting.

Upon those long nights of waiting; a few thoughts:

We have all had long nights of waiting. Whether sitting bedside while a beloved wife labors for the birth of a first child, or longing to know the outcome of blood tests from a doctor's appointment. We have all known pain, both physical, and emotional. Like the anguish of rejection, or the knowledge that we just don't measure up to the standards that life places on us at a job. We all have our breaking point, even as we continue to pray for answers when there appears to be none.
I had such a night. At one moment, I awoke gasping for breath, and imagining a ghostly figure standing across the room waiting for my question "Are you here for me?" But there was nothing there, and I knew there were still a few breaths left in me.
I look back over many years of long nights, and I wonder when it began, and what triggered these symptoms that plague me every time I lay my head to rest. And so you know, so that you will not be surprised to hear the news when it finally becomes a reality; I bare my soul this morning.
They say acceptance comes when one has fully grasped the severity of their situation. Well, perhaps I have not reached the point of no return, yet I realize this ailment could be the reason for mine. I keep fighting the conclusion that with proper treatment things will get better, but I also know like the saying goes "If it's not one thing that will get you, something else will."
And so, instead of details, I'll close with a blessing that God will keep you securely in his care, especially on those long nights of waiting.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Who Needs God?

A few thoughts:
 The question "Who needs God?" has been posed many times over thousands of years. The answer is noone needs God, rather, God needs us.Think about it.
If we're constantly asking ourselves about things we cannot answer with science, or by the old stand by "Stuff happens," then we've missed the point. God needs us to love, because he is love. We can't explain it, but we know it exists, and we seek it out to make us whole.
God needs us to forgive because he is forgiving. If we spend our whole lives finding fault in ourselves, and others, then what good have we done?
God gives us choices because he needs us to have the freedom to make choices for ourselves so we can learn, and grow. If everything is given, then what is there to give?
 In a perfect world, like heaven, we find all answers, so we must seek heaven for it's own sake. The only way to learn how to get there is by experiencing as much as this world throws at us at any given moment. That is the purpose of scars, and stripes; to pay the admission beyond all pain, and suffering.
To know God is to be like God, and that is the ultimate lesson.

Monday, September 4, 2017

A New Peace

A few thoughts: I welcome the opinions of others, especially when it comes to seeking solutions to problems we face on a daily basis. I grow weary when I read, or hear hatred oozing out of an argument over politics, religion, or the appearance of social injustice. I writhe at the thought of a nation divided over events, and struggles that have been the growing pains of freedom. And yet, the history of a nation is what determines it's character, and hope for a more tolerable existence. Our present, or future does not reflect our past if we have come to the conclusion that learning from our mistakes is what makes us stronger. I pray that the violence will soon come to an end. Unfortunately, tragedy brings with it an empathy, and spirit of community, as is the case with the current conditions in Texas. My Hope is in our conviction that all lives matter, and that we can emulate the love, and compassion of our Creator who only wants us to love, as he loves, and that our neighbor's life is as precious as our own. Now, let us all get together for the sake of our future as free men, and women, determined to overcome our human weaknesses for the sake of those who follow in our footsteps.
Peace, and Love

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Moment Of Your Time Please

A few thoughts:
As hard as it is to make a decent living these days, they just keep coming back to rob you, although you allow yourself to get lured in to the schemes of an educational opportunity, business venture, or that new car smell, it all stinks! Just as one burden is lifted, another one comes back to haunt you. As much as we try to be honest, hard working people who pay their bills on time, I wonder if I should take on a life of crime. But the temptation, though simple, and easy as it sounds, presents a whole new set of problems.
My Savior says to go with simple faith, and determination, to pick up my cross daily, and haul it down the path to perdition, where judgement falls on the wicked, and faithful alike, but some days I still wonder, "Is it worth my effort?" When the phone rings, and it's one more bill collector on the line, I consider my last dime. When does it end?
But I cannot let this world tear me to pieces, not when I can look a faithful companion in the face, and know that a wagging tail, and joyful disposition is telling me to come out into the yard, and play a while, no matter what may happen, even if tomorrow brings an end to my time with the screetch of tires on a loney stretch of country road. Keep on playing, though your heart is low, and your spirit longing for a little rest upon the back porch of home. I will go on, and I will remember that life is full of moments I have the choice to make happy, or sink into despair. Today, I choose happiness, tomorrow be damned!
God bless!